Australian Regulators Weekly Wrap

By Liam Hennessy

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Australian regulators weekly wrap — Monday, 23 January 2023

This update covers: FAR, Crypto risks, deposit rate investigation, cancellations of AFSLs and Sean Hughes' departure from ASIC....




Australian regulators weekly wrap — Monday, 16 January 2023

Covering Banking Code, IR Derivatives, FIRB Penalties, Greenwashing and the Financial advisers register....




Australian Regulators Weekly Wrap – 19 December 2022

Finder (ASIC): ASIC has commenced civil penalty proceedings in the Federal Court against Finder Wallet Pty Ltd, for allegedly providing unlicensed financial services, breaching product disclosure requirements and failing to comply with design and di...


Australian regulators weekly wrap Monday 1 July 2019

Responsible lending:following ASICs release of itsconsultation paperin February 2019 in respect of updating its guidance on responsible lending (RG 209), ASIC announced that it intends to hold public hearings concerned with responsible lending practices (a prominent theme in the recent Hayne Royal Commission)…

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Australian regulators weekly wrap Monday 15 July 2019

Production intervention:ASIC is not wasting any time??hot off the heels of its recent consultation paper as to how it should best use its new product invention power (read more about that in the 1 July 2019 alerterhere) ASIC has released a consultation paper (CP 316)on its first proposed…

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Australian regulators weekly wrap Monday 8 July 2019

Foreign licensing relief:ASIC released aconsultation paper(CP 315) proposing to provide licensing relief i.e. from the need to hold an AFSL for foreign financial services firms providing funds management advice to Australian professional investors. ASIC decided against giving relief for situations of reverse…

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He is a committed thought leader, serving in a number of academic and policy positions.  Liam holds a Master of Laws from the Sydney University,  specialising in advanced corporate governance and regulation,  and is the creator and lecturer of financial services regulation law at Griffith University.  In addition to his authoring LexisNexis and general commentary in the media, Liam maintains the Australian Regulators Weekly Wrap to provide the industry with a weekly overview of the latest developments within the space.

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